Sunday, April 19, 2015


When we started this blog eight years ago (wow!), we also sprung for a fancier domain name (, which is the url we've always used to get to these pages. But suddenly... with readership down to just grandma and grandpa, blog entries far a few between, and a million one priorities that we didn't have 8 years ago...  I'm suddenly thinking that there are better things I can do with $19.99 a year than to renew our vanity domain name.

Relocation will be an easy fix for our digital shoebox since provides a url for all of it's blogs upon creation. So, for the few that already have our website bookmarked, you'll want to swap that url for the following: 

Relocating our online photo archives is next on the list; but I haven't figured out the new locale for that one, so stay tuned.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Best Day Ever

Happy Birthday, Jasmine!


Justin has been ex'ing days off the calendar since the final whistle from last season.  Jasmine was born ready.  And Jarvis... well, let's just sign the liability form and hope for the best.  Upward Soccer, round two.