Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthday Girl

20 pounds, 29 inches of sass. I spent the previous 11.5 months writing about how Naomi Janelle was our easy baby. Now I find myself trying to figure out if whining, crying and screaming simply come with being a 1 year old (girl)... or is it that Venesa and I have cornered the market on producing attitudinal females. Granted, we can at least say that it's still easy to make her laugh with jokes and tickles (She'll laugh when you laugh. Jasmine, on the other hand, didn't smile until she was 2... kidding)... but she's certainly cranky when she wants to be. Two days ago, I told her "no" (which, in her defense, she is really good about obeying 99% of the time) and this crazy child dropped down on her belly and started doing snow angels on the kitchen floor as if she had completely lost her mind. This is not learned behavior, ladies and gentlemen. She has never seen such a thing in this household. That was the innovative spirit of pure unadulterated sass.

In other news, Venesa can proudly say that she made it to the 12 month mark with breastfeeding baby number 3. In hindsight, the little hunger strike that Naomi put on a few weeks ago turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it prompted Venesa to make deliberate efforts towards the weening process. They slowly went from feeding every few hours to 3 times a day, to twice a day, to one feeding at night. And as of Naomi's birthday, the milk factory is officially shut down. Hoo-rah.

As for Naomi's milestones, our wonderful angel (snow angel?) has taken as many as 10 steps at a time, and will walk the length of a football field if you give her a finger to hold on to. However, crawling is most certainly still her preferred mode of transportation. I can't blame her, she's about as stable on her feet as a one-legged pirate (which of course has not stopped her from climbing both flights of stairs), and our combination of brick and hardwood floors don't exactly conjure up confidence when it comes to falling. She's turned the corner on nighttime sleep (8 to 6 or 7) and is still a really good eater.  She loves to communicate, though we haven't a clue what she's saying just yet. I kid about her crank, but overall she's a healthy, happy baby who's relatively easy to please (feed me, then pass me to mommy). With that said, I guess we'll keep her.


Monday, August 6, 2012


There are about a 1/2 dozen blog-worthy events (and literally about 1000 photographs) that flew under the radar this summer simply because I didn't have time to blog 'em. Well, it's ketchup time (oh, my favorite) as I do what I can to at least sprinkle a few of those events into the blog for the sake of remembrance. Let's start with the most recent milestone: Jasmine's first haircut. In short, she loved it. If it were up to her, she'd be back at the salon every 7 days talking about, "I need a new look this week, girl." What a girlie girl.

You did a great job, my love. We're glad that you had fun. And equally glad that you love your haircut. Superstar.

Of course, no trip to the parlor is complete without the advice of the opinionated little sister...

And the bubbling enthusiasm of the supportive big brother.

Spoiled Rotten

Well, there goes the summer. In two weeks from today, the school year officially begins and we get to do it all over again. I'll admit, however, that my first year (in my entire life) as a 12-month employee was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I know that you people with "real jobs" are rolling your eyes at me as you read this; but hey, call it what you want. I've been doing nine months of work and a summer vacation for over 30 consecutive years. Old habits die hard. Start with kindergarten, add grade school, undergrad, graduate work and 7 years as a college professor... and suddenly you realize that, for me, June, July and August are like the sabbath. Keep it holy, man. I'll see you in three months.

Well, here we are: just a few weeks past my first anniversary at the new job and I can gleefully say that I not only survived what I thought would be my biggest hurdle (working a 9 to 5 for 12 months), but  what-do-ya-know... I still love my job. One year down. At least 4 more to go [remember... I'm here on a five-year (but renewable) private grant]. Year two here we come.


The blog jinx that I wrote about way back in 2009 is evidently still in full effect with offspring #3.

Not a week or two later... not 4 days later... not even the next night. But ever since I blogged about Naomi Janelle not sleeping through the night (the very same night), she has not woken up once in the middle of the night. It's like I pressed the publish button on the blog editor and presto, we had ourselves an 8 to 6 baby. And at 6, she'll usually take her cup of (almond) milk, and go right back to sleep for an hour or two. Good Lord, who is this baby? From up every three hours to suddenly comatose. Why... oh why... do our children chastise us so. It's like somehow they know. They wait for us to go the sleep, sneak downstairs, read the blog to each other, laugh at us, and then say, "watch this."

Everybody's got jokes. But this time I'll take it. Sleep well, Naomi. I know I will. Here's to no kids 'til sunrise. It's about time. Can I get an amen?!