Saturday, March 30, 2019

Protocol Night

Protocol Night is our attempt to make sure that the awkward guy at the company dinner with the napkin stuck in is collar, licking his fingers, eating the salad with the dinner fork... is NOT from the homeschool community. 

Like everything else that has marked his passage into middle school this year, Justin was all in. 


Justin got invited to a paintball trip for a friend's birthday party. Since I'd never been before, I invited myself as well. Before we headed out, Justin said to me... "I think it'll be fun... but I'm a little scared." To which I replied, "me, too."  :)

And now we can both confirm from experience that, as anyone in their right mind would expect, getting shot with a paintball at 160 mph hurts (ha ha). Would we do it again? eh. For free, maybe. For $25 a person, um, probably not. But then, if we let enough time pass for the memories (and the bruises) to fade; who knows what we'll be crazy enough to sign up for.