Saturday, July 30, 2016

10 feet

Venesa found a surefire way to get me off the couch: Threaten to pay for something that I think I can do myself.  That's exactly what happened with swimming lessons this summer.  At a recent pool party, we watched every other kid fearlessly jump in the deep end of the pool, splash, play and carry on... while ours were stuck in the shallow end like quarantined ebola patients. After a conversation with another mom, she asked if she could sign the kids up for lessons.

You'll get no disagreement out of me that the J's are getting too big to be showing up to pool parties with inflatable arm rings and flotation devices.  Mind you, getting them to swim was actually a priority for us at some point (they both took lessons around two years ago)... but sometimes even the best intentions have no shot against the busyness of life. Yet and still, when Venesa said lessons... all I heard was a loud ca-ching in the background.. and so I asked her to give me a week or two before we discussed it again. Two trips to the Y and one backyard pool trip later, the J's are officially drown-proof. Free of charge.

2 Wheelin'

Justin ditched his training wheels a couple of months after turning six. Not to be outdone, Jasmine turned to two wheels at five and a half.  At four years and 11 months, Naomi Janelle has them both beat by a nice margin. You go, baby girl! Great job. You'll get your new wheels in no time. For now, let's raise the seat and keep on riding.